Inspiring the Next Generations 

Vallarta Adventures is committed to providing support on education, happiness, and inspiration to kids and families from our staff and around our community.

Our aim is to provide the inspiration and opportunity for today’s children to create the future they imagine.


Scolarship Program


Sustainability is key to the future of preserving and protecting large areas of Mexico wilderness. It is a combination of guests enjoying our experiences, together with partnerships on various different levels that enables us to pursue our vision.





The Adventures Group is committed to saving wildlife, inspiring action and protecting the planet. Our objective is to pairs philanthropic grants with contributions of expertise from many Science and Environment professionals and other employees who work together to make an impact for people, wildlife and the planet.


Why Adventure Weddings Is Your Go-To Wedding Planner In Cancun

Cancun Adventures is a leader in tours and excursions that bring you the best Cancun has to offer. But did you know that they also have a dedicated team of wedding planners with more than 10 years of experience in destination weddings? 

Adventure Weddings can bring your dream Cancun destination wedding to life! With an expert Cancun wedding planning team, celebrate one of the biggest days of your life in one of the world’s most beautiful locations in Riviera Maya. 

Best Tours for Cenote Snorkeling in Cancun

The Cenotes in Cancun

Snorkeling is one of the most popular recreational and vacation activities in Cancun. The warm, clear ocean water is ideal for spotting tropical fish and other marine wildlife, plus there are unique inland snorkeling locations called “cenotes.” A cenote is a natural sinkhole that is formed when limestone bedrock collapses and exposes water beneath the ground or a connection to subterranean bodies of water.

The Mayan Architecture of Coba: The Coba Ruins

When you think of Mayan architecture, you probably picture tall stone temples with lots of steep stairs. What you may not know is that there are meanings and purposes behind their structures and cities. Nearly everything the Mayans built was precisely situated and intentionally designed. In Coba, Mexico you can walk in an ancient city and see the stone structures for yourself while learning all about Mayan architecture and culture.

The Cancun Endemic Species: Species You Can Only See In a Few Parts of the World

There are many things that attract tourists to Cancun, including the native plants and animals. Cancun is home to some incredible and unique wildlife like the melipona bee and whale sharks. You’ll also find giant ceiba trees in this tropical environment. Learn more about these natural living wonders below and find out how to see them for yourself.