Best Tours for Cenote Snorkeling in Cancun

The Cenotes in Cancun

Snorkeling is one of the most popular recreational and vacation activities in Cancun. The warm, clear ocean water is ideal for spotting tropical fish and other marine wildlife, plus there are unique inland snorkeling locations called “cenotes.” A cenote is a natural sinkhole that is formed when limestone bedrock collapses and exposes water beneath the ground or a connection to subterranean bodies of water.

The Mayan Architecture of Coba: The Coba Ruins

When you think of Mayan architecture, you probably picture tall stone temples with lots of steep stairs. What you may not know is that there are meanings and purposes behind their structures and cities. Nearly everything the Mayans built was precisely situated and intentionally designed. In Coba, Mexico you can walk in an ancient city and see the stone structures for yourself while learning all about Mayan architecture and culture.

The Cancun Endemic Species: Species You Can Only See In a Few Parts of the World

There are many things that attract tourists to Cancun, including the native plants and animals. Cancun is home to some incredible and unique wildlife like the melipona bee and whale sharks. You’ll also find giant ceiba trees in this tropical environment. Learn more about these natural living wonders below and find out how to see them for yourself.

Everything You Need to Know About Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is a slice of paradise a short distance off the coast of Cancun. It offers tropical isolation away from the busy town and resorts, with incredible views of the surrounding Caribbean. There are lots of activities to enjoy, including shopping, snorkeling, and sunbathing on the pristine sandy beaches. This beautiful island also contains an abundance of culture and history worth exploring during your visit. 


Want to Move to Cancun? Here Are 5 Great Reasons Why You Should

With beautiful turquoise beaches and balmy weather year round, Cancun is a great place to visit. But did you know that it’s also a great place to live? Many people don’t know that there’s a large expat community in and near Cancun. Living in Cancun can be affordable and a fun way to live close to the beach and experience a new culture. Are you ready for a new adventure? Here are some reasons why Cancun makes a great place to live.

Best Cancun Destination Wedding Venue

Every girl dreams of her wedding day long before she meets her Prince Charming. She imagines the way it will feel to wear the perfect dress and walk up the aisle to join her future husband. She wishes for her own “true love’s kiss” and “happily ever after.” And she imagines saying “I do” in an exotic fairy tale setting surrounded by friends and family, while birds carry her long train that was sewn by mice. With Adventure Weddings from Cancun Adventures, you can make all of those dreams come true. (Okay, maybe not the part with the birds and mice.)


Romantic Experiences in Cancun

Cancun is one of the most popular getaways in all of Mexico—and for good reason. Full of rich history, delicious food, and amazing activities, it’s no wonder that this city is such a prized tourist destination. Although this is a great place to vacation with family and friends, it’s an ideal getaway location for lovers as well. Check out this list of the best romantic hotspots in Cancun for couples.

Ready for a Fine Dining Experience in Playa del Carmen?

Great dining is about more than just food. It is about company and environment, along with local flavor and unforgettable tastes. Visitors will find all that and more at the Traveler’s Table, one of the best dining experiences in Playa del Carmen.

A culinary tour de force like no other, the Traveler’s Table brings together visitors from around the world at the private Punta Venado beach club for a night of learning, conversation, local drinks, and a gourmet five-course dinner. Fine dining in Playa del Carmen doesn’t get any better than this.