Phased Reopening

The Adventures Group will begin a phased reopening starting June 22nd, 2020. 

We comply with the WTTC COVID-19 safety protocols.

Know Before You Go

As we navigate through this unprecedented time as responsibly as we can, we have implemented a number of new safety measures based on guidance from health authorities.

To all our guests, there are 4 key things to know before arriving to your tour or activity, and they include:

  • Temperature screenings prior to entry

Are Dolphins Smart or Not?

Dolphins are one of the most beautiful and intriguing animals on the planet—and among the most intelligent. But exactly how smart are dolphins? These marine animals are capable of complex social interactions: They work together, solve problems, show empathy, share language, and even have personal names. Not only can they learn new information and skills, but they can pass that knowledge on to other dolphins, including their young. How intelligent are dolphins, and what makes them so smart?



Inspiring the Next Generations 

Vallarta Adventures is committed to providing support on education, happiness, and inspiration to kids and families from our staff and around our community.

Our aim is to provide the inspiration and opportunity for today’s children to create the future they imagine.


Scolarship Program


Sustainability is key to the future of preserving and protecting large areas of Mexico wilderness. It is a combination of guests enjoying our experiences, together with partnerships on various different levels that enables us to pursue our vision.





The Adventures Group is committed to saving wildlife, inspiring action and protecting the planet. Our objective is to pairs philanthropic grants with contributions of expertise from many Science and Environment professionals and other employees who work together to make an impact for people, wildlife and the planet.


Are There Sharks in Cabo?

Does the idea of sharks lurking nearby send a chill down your spine? Thanks to Jaws and other depictions of sharks, these creatures have a pretty bad rep. Some of it is deserved—those teeth are pretty scary—but for the most part, Baja California beachgoers have nothing to fear from Sea of Cortez sharks. 


At Cabo Adventures, we feel proud of our participation and commitment with some of the most recognized non-profit associations joining efforts in pro of the environmental conservation.  Our company has also been granted with important certifications recognizing our dedication to sustainability and animal welfare. Finally, we are pleased to share some of the awards and accolades received for the quality of our adventures and experiences.