Plastic Reduction Program and Sustainable Tourism

Traveling provides us with an exciting opportunity to explore the unfamiliar, try new things, and view unforgettable sights, but we need to remember that this is a privilege and not a right. When we are guests in someone else’s home country, we should do our best to travel responsibly and reduce waste. 

Plastic pollution, in particular, is an on-going problem all over the world and much of that is due to the tourism industry. Learn more below about sustainable tourism and easy ways to reduce plastic use when you travel, as well as at home.

Ek Balam Ruins: Why You Need to Visit

If you’re looking for unique ruins that aren’t crawling with other tourists, Ek Balam ruins are your best bet. You’ll be transported to another time and place as you explore these ancient Mayan pyramids, enriching your whole Cancun experience. Check out why you need to visit the captivating Ek Balam ruins and enjoy a day full of beauty and culture.

Responsible Whale Watching and Humpback Whale Protection

It is important to keep responsible for whale watching and humpback whale protection in mind when choosing a whale watching excursion for your Vallarta vacation. There’s nothing quite like watching humpback whales in their natural habitat in Puerto Vallarta, gushing exhaled air, splashing their flukes, and even leaping into the air. You can see them interact with each other, with other species such as dolphins, and with their environment.

Why Sustainable Tourism Is So Important

With so many beautiful travel locations to choose from, and so much to see and do, it’s no wonder we spend such a large chunk of our time planning dream vacations and fantasy getaways. And now that we can quickly share the beauty of our exotic destinations and exciting adventures on social media for all our friends and relatives to see, people are adding more locations to their travel lists every day. The question is, do all these travelers know how to travel responsibly?

Why Adventure Weddings Is Your Go-To Wedding Planner In Cancun

Cancun Adventures is a leader in tours and excursions that bring you the best Cancun has to offer. But did you know that they also have a dedicated team of wedding planners with more than 10 years of experience in destination weddings? 

Adventure Weddings can bring your dream Cancun destination wedding to life! With an expert Cancun wedding planning team, celebrate one of the biggest days of your life in one of the world’s most beautiful locations in Riviera Maya. 

Are There Sharks in Cabo?

Sharks swimming in the sea in Mexico

Does the idea of sharks lurking nearby send a chill down your spine? Thanks to Jaws and other depictions of sharks, these creatures have a pretty bad rep. Some of it is deserved—those teeth are pretty scary—but for the most part, Baja California beachgoers have nothing to fear from Sea of Cortez sharks. 

What To Do in Talpa de Allende Jalisco

The beautiful town of Talpa de Allende in Jalisco is nestled in the Sierra Madre mountains, away from all the noise and activity in the tourist areas of Puerto Vallarta. This mining town is referred to as “pueblos magicos,” or magic villages, because of its cultural significance and preservation of history. Discover the authentic Mexican village of Talpa de Allende with local tour guide Aldofo.


At Cabo Adventures, we feel proud of our participation and commitment with some of the most recognized non-profit associations joining efforts in pro of the environmental conservation.  Our company has also been granted with important certifications recognizing our dedication to sustainability and animal welfare. Finally, we are pleased to share some of the awards and accolades received for the quality of our adventures and experiences.