How to Scuba Dive in Puerto Vallarta

No trip to Puerto Vallarta is complete without a dive in the crystal clear waters among tropical fish and marine life. You’ll enjoy incredible underwater views and interactive experiences unlike anywhere else. The good news is, if you have not tried scuba diving before or completed your diving certification, you can incorporate it into your trip with Vallarta Adventures, who has been an official 5-Star PADI Center for over 20 years.

Top Cancun Golf Resorts & Courses for Golf Lovers

Nothing completes the perfect Cancun vacation like a round of golf with an ocean view. These courses are set with such stunning backdrops you’ll wish you could spend your whole trip on the green. Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up a list of several amazing golf courses in Cancun, Mexico, so you can include them in your vacation plans.

How to Get Around in Cabo

Traveling to a foreign country can present a number of challenges, even in popular vacation destinations like Los Cabos. One of the most common obstacles is finding transportation to and from the airport, hotel, and daily activities. The last thing you want is to find yourself stranded in an unfamiliar place, especially if you don’t speak the language.

How to Plan the Best Mexico Family Vacations

The best Mexico family vacations include activities to keep both kids and their parents entertained, as well as provide a chance for parents to relax. With Vallarta Adventures, all the planning and preparation are done for you. Just choose your favorite excursions and we’ll provide the equipment, food, and fun! Check out some of our best Puerto Vallarta activities for kids in the tours described below.

Cancun Travel Guide for the Perfect Trip

Planning the perfect vacation can be overwhelming when there are so many amazing things you want to see and do! Traveling in Cancun is no exception — how do you pack everything in or choose favorites?

Fortunately, the experts at Cancun Adventures have all the information you need for traveling in Cancun. We offer various tours for all types of travelers, and we can help you put together the perfect itinerary for a weekend getaway or a full week of adventure.

How to Have the Best Cabo Family Vacation

Los Cabos has a reputation for being a great vacation spot for couples or people looking for a party. This may be true to some extent, but it’s also the perfect place to take your family. There are plenty of hotels and activities that are fun and kid-friendly for your Cabo family vacation. Check out these ideas before you plan your trip, and prepare to make some memories in Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta Shows & Evening Entertainment

If you are headed to Puerto Vallarta, you have probably planned an itinerary packed with day-time excursions and adventures. But what about the nightlife?

Puerto Vallarta is the place to go in Mexico if you want to keep the party going after the sun goes down, or watch it set in style. Vallarta Adventures can help you enjoy the trip of a lifetime with our Puerto Vallarta shows and tours. Check out some of the most popular and entertaining evening activities like enjoying the show Rhythms of the Night or walking along El Malecón.

Best Mexico Islands to Include in Your Vacation

Beautiful beaches are one of the best things about a trip to Mexico, along with abundant marine life, scuba diving, and picturesque views — which is why traveling in this area is best enjoyed with excursions and day trips.

You’ll be able to visit expansive coral reefs, natural reserves, and national parks, which are all near or on their own lush tropical island paradise not too far from the shores of Mexico. Don’t limit yourself to the amenities of the mainland, or you may miss out on the adventure of a lifetime.