Come Visit San Sebastian, Mexico

A visit to the mountain pueblo of San Sebastian del Oeste is like taking a step back in time. Surrounded by picturesque views of green Jalisco mountains and valleys, San Sabastian, Mexico is a place rich in tradition and history. It’s a great stop for travelers, especially those who are visiting the beaches in Puerto Vallarta and want to experience more to Mexico than the sand and surf. With its storied past and dedication to creating an authentic experience, a trip to San Sabastian del Oeste is a great place for travelers to explore.

The Cancun Endemic Species: Species You Can Only See In a Few Parts of the World

There are many things that attract tourists to Cancun, including the native plants and animals. Cancun is home to some incredible and unique wildlife like the melipona bee and whale sharks. You’ll also find giant ceiba trees in this tropical environment. Learn more about these natural living wonders below and find out how to see them for yourself.

Iconic Sites in Cabo San Lucas: The Cabo Arch

The Arch of Cabo San Lucas, which you may also know as “Land’s End,” is a travel icon commonly seen on postcards and brochures for Cabo vacations. This majestic rock formation is situated on the southernmost tip of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula and is roughly three stories tall. The arch was naturally carved by wind, waves, and erosion millions of years ago.


Dolphin Adventure Marine Center: American Humane Certified

Swimming with dolphins and sea lions is a popular item on travel wish lists all over the world. Getting in the water with these playful and intelligent creatures is an experience that is hard to top, and even harder to forget. Unfortunately, not every facility provides the same level of care or conservation efforts that these beautiful marine mammals deserve. 

Cabo Dolphins Marine Center: American Humane Certified

Increased efforts are being made to provide humane treatment of animals in interactive tourist encounters, like swimming with dolphins and other marine mammals. This highly sought-after experience often comes with the risk of supporting an institution that does not meet the needs of the animals in their facility. The best indicator that a company is providing excellent care for their animals is whether or not they have been given the stamp of approval from American Humane.

Everything You Need to Know About Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is a slice of paradise a short distance off the coast of Cancun. It offers tropical isolation away from the busy town and resorts, with incredible views of the surrounding Caribbean. There are lots of activities to enjoy, including shopping, snorkeling, and sunbathing on the pristine sandy beaches. This beautiful island also contains an abundance of culture and history worth exploring during your visit.