Chichen Viejo (Old Chichen)

Located more than a kilometer from the main structures of Chichen Itza, Chichen Viejo (Old Chichen) is an archaeological zone that includes several ancient Mayan structures known as the Initial Series Group. Chichen Viejo is thought to be an extensive compound once home to Mayan elites. The compound is larger than many of the villas of Greek and Roman kings. Archaeologists have dated a stone lintel at the site back to 619 A.D; the oldest hieroglyphics discovered at Chichen Itza.

COVID-19 Testing in Cancun

Effective January 26th, 2021, all air travelers flying to the United States are required to present proof of a negative COVID-19 test administered within three days prior to their international departure. At Cancun Adventures, the safety and wellbeing of all our guests is our number one priority. Getting your COVID-19 test in Cancun is safe and easily accessible for all travelers. Cancun has implemented many prevention, detection and care protocols for COVID-19 as well as setup a network of hospitals and laboratories that perform PCR diagnostic tests.